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  • Bandă fotoluminiscentă Superior Mark

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    The unique Superior Mark™ floor tape is also available in a glow in the dark variety: it has the selected colour in normal lighting and a green glow in darkness. It comes in seven colours and two widths and is ideal to mark lines and escape routes. The rolls are 30 metres in length.

    Bandă fotoluminiscentă Superior Mark

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    Features of the Superior Mark™ glow in the dark tape:

      • Colours: yellow, white, green, blue, red, orange or black in normal lighting, but luminescent in darkness;
      • Afterglow (glow in the dark): has an afterglow lasting approximately 1 hour, if sufficiently ‘charged’;


    General Superior Mark™ features:

      • Width: 5 or 10 cm;
      • Length: all rolls measure 30 m;
      • Thickness: 0.81 mm;
      • Material: PVC;
      • Adhesive: Pressure sensitive recessed adhesive;
      • Edges: beveled for maximum durability against heavy traffic;
      • Surface: smooth, glossy finish that is dirt resistant and easily cleaned.

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